Our Products

Organic products are free from artificial fertilisers, pesticides and genetic modification.

A product can make the claim that it ‘contains organic ingredients’ when it only contains one organic ingredient.

The products we use come from one Biodynamic farm where the plants are grown in the ground in living soil, which provides a quality of health and nutrition not possible with chemical fertilisers or hydroponic growing.

Biodynamic farms generate their own fertility through composting, integrating animals, cover cropping, and crop rotation.

So, suffice to say everything we use is absolutely organic as well as ethically sourced and fair trade.

The whole range is beautifully designed with the Apothecary look of amber glass packaging to provide excellent UV protection to the contents.

Our range is truly luxurious, smells divine and most importantly does what it says on the infinitely recyclable glass container

All that opulence without an ounce of guilt!

Responsible Water Use

Science had estimated that there will not be enough fresh water available to meet global energy needs by the year 2040. As you can imagine all hair salons use a huge amount of freshwater each day. Using water is of course imperative to getting the salon finish we deliver,  so although we can’t prevent usage, we can prevent wastage. We use special showerheads at our back-wash units which not only half the amount of water we use in-store but also doubles the pressure of the water we do use. This enables us to remove product build-up and hair colour from the hair and scalp more efficiently.

These state-of-the-art taps also occupy a double water filtration system to remove chemicals heavy metals and sediment, including lead, virus, bacteria, asbestos and fluoride out of the freshwater we use daily.

The filtered water helps to create negative Ions which help create shinier hair and eliminate frizz.