Remember being a child a sitting with your mother or grandmother and they would recount how they had an awful, frizzy perm once upon a time – Well we don’t do those!

However, if you are interested in adding volume, body or both to your hair or even if you have curly hair already that struggles to follow your rules and just needs some direction then maybe it’s time you thought about having an O-wave perm.

O-wave is created on the same biodynamic farm that all of our products are created and gently reforms the hair bonds to a wave or curl as loose or as tight as you desire. It’s vital to remember that a perm is not what it used to be. With our product range, we will only go forth with any perm service after both you and we can conclude your exact destination.

Perming has a gravity-defying resurgence in the last few years and believes it or not it has mainly been men that have been requesting them to hype up the longer styles in Vogue for men in recent years. So no matter what your gender or hair type, a perm TRULY can take your image to the next step.

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