A Keratin blow-dry is a hair smoothing treatment. The treatment originated in Brazil and so you may have previously heard the term ‘Brazilian blow dry’.  To understand the science behind Keratin Treatments you need to know firstly that your hair is made of keratin.

Each strand of hair consists of three layers; the medulla, the cortex and the cuticle. The cuticle is made of an almost transparent, tightly formed structure that looks like overlapping fish scales. The two layers hold the pigment that gives the hair its colour while the cuticle is the protective layer. Keratin treatments add additional keratin to your hair that bonds with your own natural keratin to create stronger hair inside and out by filling in the holes in the cuticle layer of the hair.

During a keratin treatment, tiny keratin molecules penetrate the hair cortex, improving and repairing the quality of the hair by adding strength, elasticity and moisture create a shiny, soft and smoothing effect to your hair. The molecules of keratin coat the hair cuticle and help protect it from potentially damaging environmental factors such as UV rays and free radicals

The treatment is temporary – usually lasting anywhere between 2-5 months and fades out of the hair wash by wash.

A keratin treatment can shorten your styling time by as much as 60%. Opting for this treatment is great for all clients but especially for those with damaged hair, as it allows you to get healthier hair by reducing the need for excessive use of heated appliances.

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