A cut and blow-dry is a familiar service provided in every salon in the western world, almost as though there is a basic standard – anyone who has ever visited more than one salon will know that that there is not.

At Luke Ormsby Hair a thorough consultation is the most important part of any hair appointment. The reason why we make this such a huge part of every single hairdressing service we undertake is that If we, as hairstylists do not decipher with you as an individual what you are hoping to achieve with each visit then we have failed miserably at our two goals.

Which are as follows:

  • To give you – the client, the hair that you want.
  • The feeling of exhilaration that only comes with having your hair goals become reality.

Because confidence, we understand – is everything.

A happy client is, of course, our top priority and we, as a team believe that people are individuals and deserve to be treated as such.

This is why our consultations are as thorough as can be but also transparent.

Gone are the days where guests would visit a salon and ask for a (“insert celebrity name”) as stylists we know that whatever they have in mind may not be best for their hair type or that a particular ‘do’ is not going to be what suits their lifestyle, maintenance demands or face shape. Therefore, we love to converse with you and together come up with something far superior to you. A bespoke finish.

We also love working as a team so don’t be surprised if one of our experienced team members involve another experienced team member to join the consultation for a friendly brainstorm (multiple heads are always better than one)

Feel free to come in for a complimentary consultation and beverage.


For appointments, please either book online by using the link below, or alternatively calling us directly.

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“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Coco Chanel